Plan & Cost Review (PCR)

Pre-Construction Feasibility Analysis

Construction projects, often exposed to risks and hazards arising from purely contractual and legal problems, are our specialty.  CoRE analyses provide a thorough insight into the expected conditions of a ground-up construction or renovation.  Know your true risks, before closing that next loan.

Construction Monitoring

Loan Monitoring

Progress Reports

Bi-monthly or monthly snapshots of a project, giving an investor, lender or owner a clear view of the construction progress and recommendations for funding. Concise and Direct,enabling you to find the information you're looking for efficiently.

Cost-To-Complete Analysis (CTC)

Whether your client is mid-way through their development, or you're taking over an existing loan, our construction specialists can provide you with the risk assessment needed to lend with ease.  Our CTC Anaysis will give you a clear view of the completeness of a project, and key components of what to expect in the coming future. 

Property Condition Assessments (PCA)

Debt & Equity

Assessments provide investors, owners/prospective owners, and lending entities with invaluable information on the current condition, age and replacement costs of building systems & components.

Considering the risk tolerance level for private investors, CoRE provides its equity clients with an enhanced product that goes beyond the standard ASTM assessment protocols.

CoRE also provides Property Condition Reports in accordance with Freddie Mac standards, and Small Balan Loan guidelines.

Owner's Representative Services

Construction Management

Real Estate Owner's trust in CoRE to represent them throughout each phase of the construction process.  From site selection and design to finance and bidding, CoRE serves as an extension of the owner's staff providing value-added expertise that will foster a successful development.